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Mailchain Enables Web3 Communication

Mailchain makes it possible for users to send and receive private messages between public addresses through a simple, email-like interface.

All message contents & attachments are encrypted so only the intended recipient of the message can decrypt and view messages. Messages are stored on decentralized storage.

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Use Cases

Announcements & Notifications

Users want to be able to react to events and receive real-time notifications without spending time digging through noisy communication channels.

Mailchain makes it easy for users to take action in the context of their address or identity, never missing important announcements. Examples include knowing when to migrate to a new version of an application or a smart contract, mitigate a security issue, or know when a creator is planning to release new work.

Community Engagement

Communication plays an important role in building and maintaining successful communities. Artists and creators need to be able to communicate about their work or upcoming events to collectors and fans. Projects and games need to keep in touch with their users about events, offers, and new launches.

Mailchain provides an easy way to get updates from the communities or groups a user is part of.

Business Communication

Businesses who operate in web3 need to be able to communicate with their customers. They often send messages related to invoices or receipts, or to inform customers of product updates. They receive them in the context of inbound sales enquires or after sales support.

Mailchain makes it possible for businesses to message directly with customers and users without needing to request additional details.

Web3 Native Messaging

Users interacting with web3 and decentralised applications need to be able to send messages to other users or projects, and receive messages related to their activities or interests.

Mailchain enables blockchain accounts that underpin web3 identities to message each other. This provides a better user experience, makes it possible to contact smart contract of NFT owners, respects user privacy, and makes applications safer to interact with.

Multi-Protocol Support

Mailchain Supports Any Protocol

As the web3 technology landscape unfolds, there are many protocols built for different purposes. Users interact with many protocols using different addresses or accounts.

Mailchain supports any mainstream protocol, giving a single pane of glass view for all communications. This is powered by the Mailchain communications protocol.

Open & Extensible

Mailchain is Open Source

Mailchain is Open Source. The team believes that its software should be available for anyone in the community to use and build on top of. It welcomes feedback and code contributions from anywhere, seeking to build a robust, scalable, standards-based platform and protocol.

News & Announcements

Latest Blogs

Mailchain Community Update, August 2022
August 2, 2022

We’re making significant progress. Our engineering team has been working tirelessly on the Mailchain application to incorporate early user feedback The team is now finalizing added features and completing quality checks...

Mailchain Community Update, April 2022
April 30, 2022

Web3 email is almost here! The team’s focus remains on platform delivery, with our beta going out to early adopters in May. We’re hiring engineers and looking for integration partners...

Mailchain Community Update, February 2022
March 2, 2022

Some surprising conversations this month revealed the lengths some people go to communicate with other blockchain addresses...

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