We're here to create
the new email & messaging standard for Web3.
No one should have to sacrifice privacy for convenience when communicating online.

Each new software era has a messaging protocol: Instant messaging in the 1990s, SMS in the 2000s, cross-platform messaging today. Web3 represents a giant leap forward in the evolution of the internet. But where core technologies like blockchains and smart contracts are well into maturity, Web3 communication is still in its infancy. Mailchain will become the email and messaging standard for Web3. It is both an open-source protocol and a web-based application.

It's time. A new era in communication.

We're ushering in a new era of communication, using a new protocol and platform that powers sending and receiving of messages between any Web3 address.

Why? Because Internet communications, as they stand now, are fundamentally at odds with the ethos of Web3. With Mailchain, you finally have:

  • The power to own your identity
  • The power to maintain your data privacy
  • The power to communicate freely