The Complete Guide to Web3 Donations
This guide outlines how organizations can improve donor relations with a web3-native communication strategy.

Web3 is changing philanthropy. With blockchain tech, anyone, anywhere can back the causes they believe in. Donors can see where their money goes, as the transparency of blockchain's immutable ledger makes tracing donations easy. It opens doors to borderless giving, with less worry about exchange rates, or the need to deal with international banking. The reduced reliance on intermediaries means more money can go to the actual causes.

The Problem with Web3 Donations Today

Web3 donations feel cold. Donors send their crypto to a wallet address, and that's it. There is often no way to follow-up or communicate around the donation. The process feels similar to dropping money into a box with no way to add a note or get a thank you back. This makes it difficult to feel connected or see the difference donors are making.

What if a cause could communicate with the wallet address that made the donation?
What if the donor could communicate with the cause's wallet address?

The Solution to Web3 Donations

Web3 technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for causes to connect with their donor base, ensure transparency, and maximize the impact of every donation. With blockchain tech, causes can now adopt a comprehensive Web3 donation strategy that not only simplifies the donation process but also increases donor engagement.

That strategy begins with web3-native communication. Mailchain is the communication layer for web3. It encrypts messages for 1:1 and group chats between web3 users, using their web3 identities and wallet addresses. Mailchain is open source, working with all blockchain protocols: It's multichain and supports all EVMs and major chains. It includes an SDK for developers and a private web3 inbox for users.

Integrations to Simplify Web3 Donations

Here are current Mailchain integrations that make web3 donations easier to complete, and promote meaningful connection.

Mailchain x IDriss

IDriss complements Mailchain's private web3-native communication channel by mapping traditional emails, phone numbers, and social media usernames to wallet addresses. Wallet addresses can look confusing. Hexadecimal addresses that look like just a string of numbers. Causes raising funds receive donations from these wallet addresses, but they aren't quite sure who they belong to.  

IDriss lets anyone associate their wallet address with their traditional email address or social media (X/ formerly Twitter) handle. With the Mailchain x IDriss integration, causes can send a private message to these personalized identities/ donors over a private, end-to-end encrypted web3 communication channel.

All a donor has to do is create their Mailchain web3 inbox, register their wallet that has their IDriss ID, and they can now receive web3 emails from their favorite web3 causes.

Key Web3 Donation Communication Strategies

Reach out to donors directly

With Mailchain, anyone can use the wallet addresses donated to the cause to send a personal thank you.  

Reach out to causes directly

Anyone can send a web3 email to a cause's wallet address with questions, support queries or send encouragement.

Preserving Anonymity of Web3 Donations

Mailchain enables projects to communicate with anonymous donors. All a cause needs to communicate is the wallet address, no personal information such as a name, phone number or traditional email address is required. Causes can send updates, thank-you notes, and tax receipts directly to the donor's wallet address, maintaining their privacy while engaging with them and keeping them up to date.

Automating Web3 Donation Receipts

Upon making a donation, a donor can instantly be sent a receipt directly to their wallet address. This not only confirms the transaction but also serves as a record for tax purposes. This consistent flow of information keeps donors informed and engaged, making them more likely to contribute again.

Weekly Web3 Donation Summaries

Send weekly summaries of donation activities to the donors' and recipients' wallet address, so they can monitor the progress and impact of their contributions.

Web3 Donor Engagement

Cause updates and personalized touchpoints can be sent to donors through Mailchain, directly to their wallet addresses to encourage sustained support.

Web3 Giving Newsletters

With Mailchain, organizations can create email templates, campaign lists of wallet addresses, and send out web3 newsletters to their target audience. This is especially useful for giving days and to reach fundraising goals.

Relay Fundraising Progress

Donors love to see their contribution reach a fundraising goal. Send out fundraising goal updates to their wallet address so they can see track progress.

Web3 Donation Privacy

Mailchain is a fully end-to-end encrypted communications protocol. That means sending a message to a wallet address is inherently private. Only that intended recipient can open the message and see its contents.

Web3 Donation Security

Mailchain verifies wallets when it registers these to an account identity. When a cause or donor sends a message to a wallet address, Mailchain verifies the wallet address exists and it is in fact the correct one. This reduces the risk of impersonation.  

Simple Web3 User Experience

Mailchain aims to make web3 more user-friendly, to encourage broader participation of anyone who wants to donate to a cause. The integration with IDriss gives people the ability to link social profiles to wallet addresses, which also adds a layer of trust and verification, reducing the risk of phishing and fraudulent activities.  

Creating Transparency

By maintaining an immutable ledger of transactions, causes can provide real-time visibility into how donations are being allocated and the impact they're making, reassuring donors that their contributions are directly supporting the cause.

Creating Community

With Mailchain causes can create forums and discussion platforms where donors, beneficiaries, and cause representatives can interact. These platforms facilitate a deeper understanding of the cause, encourage collaborative problem-solving, and build a sense of community with all stakeholders.


A well-rounded Web3 donation strategy empowers causes to be transparent, personal and engaging. Mailchain makes it easier for donors to feel a personal connection to the web3 causes they support, even if they prefer to remain anonymous. The web3-native communication bridges the gap between the cold, transactional nature of blockchain and the warm, personal interactions that encourage ongoing philanthropy. With this strategy, organizations can achieve their mission and create sustainable support.

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