NEAR Protocol

NEAR is aiming to onboard 1 billion people into web3 with their Blockchain Operating System, Mailchain is proud to provide web3 communication across this ecosystem.
Misha Deville
April 4, 2023

Case Study: NEAR Protocol


Welcome to the world of NEAR Protocol, a Layer 1 blockchain that's not just a platform but a gateway to mass adoption for Web3. NEAR Protocol uses a unique scaling mechanism, Nightshade sharding, and offers an easy onboarding experience for new users through named accounts. It's a playground for developers, offering a secure, scalable foundation for building decentralized applications (dApps) with the ease of coding in JavaScript. But even in this thriving ecosystem, there was a missing piece.

The Challenge

NEAR Protocol had successfully built a vibrant ecosystem of applications that could work together seamlessly. It was like a bustling city of innovation and collaboration. But amidst all this innovation, there was a void. The NEAR community, despite its diverse applications and platforms, lacked a unified communication layer. It was like a city with no telephone lines. NEAR users had to resort to third-party and web2 tools to communicate with each other, which was far from ideal. They needed a truly web3 way to communicate, a solution that was in line with the principles of decentralization, security, and privacy that NEAR stood for.

The Solution

Mailchain wasn't just a protocol; it was a complete communication solution for the web3 ecosystem. It provided privacy, security, and communication layers for web3 email. It was like setting up a post office in the city, a place where users could securely store and exchange information. With Mailchain, NEAR users could create an account, add multiple wallets, domains, and identities, and start communicating securely and privately with other wallets. The integration process was seamless, thanks to the Mailchain SDK. Mailchain went a step further and integrated NEAR Protocol, providing a communication protocol that works across their blockchain.

The Results

The integration of Mailchain with NEAR Protocol brought about a paradigm shift. Every NEAR user now had an automatic web3 email account. All they had to do was sign into Mailchain, add their wallet, and they had their secure, private communication channel. It was like giving everyone in the city their secure locker. Users now had an email inbox that was truly theirs, with all of web3 in one place. They could enjoy the benefits of web3 security, privacy, and ownership of all their communication. But the revolution didn't stop there. Mailchain is multichain, which means that NEAR users could communicate with users on other blockchains. It was like setting up trade routes between different cities, opening up communication across web3 and across multiple blockchains.

“Mailchain’s secure messaging system is a perfect fit for NEAR developers who need to communicate with their users in a reliable and secure way. We believe that this integration is a big step forwards for the developers who are building the next generation of the Internet.”
Email that's built for Web3. Read, Write, Own.