Lens Protocol

This revolution in social networking is incredible, and now it comes with the added benefit of web3 email for those conversations that are better private.
Tim Boeckmann
March 1, 2023

Case Study: Lens


Welcome to the world of Lens, a unique social network that's turning the tables on traditional platforms. Lens is a web3 social graph that leverages blockchain technology to create a user-owned social network. It's a playground for creators, a space where they can own the connections they form with their community. It's a new-age social network that's built with modularity in mind, allowing for seamless addition of new features while ensuring user-owned content and social relationships are immutable. But every innovation comes with its set of challenges.

The Challenge

Lens had successfully created a space where users could own their social graph and the interactions within it. It was like a bustling marketplace where everyone had their unique stall. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, there was a need for a private space, a quiet corner where important conversations could be held. While Lens provided a vibrant platform for public social conversations, there was a void when it came to private, secure communication. Users needed a place to store important private information like trade receipts, transaction data, holiday and flight information, health records, event invitations, tickets, etc. It was like having a bustling marketplace with no secure lockers.

The Solution

Mailchain stepped into the picture with a solution that was as innovative as it was effective. Mailchain wasn't just a protocol; it was a complete communication solution for the web3 ecosystem. It provided privacy, security, and communication layers for web3 email. It was like setting up a post office in the marketplace, a place where users could securely store and exchange information. With Mailchain, Lens users could create an account, add multiple wallets, domains, and identities, and start communicating securely and privately with other wallets. The integration process was seamless, thanks to the Mailchain SDK. Mailchain went a step further and integrated Lens addresses and handles, allowing anyone with a Lens profile to use it as a web3 email inbox.

The Results

The integration of Mailchain with Lens brought about a paradigm shift. Every Lens user now had an automatic web3 email account. All they had to do was sign into Mailchain, add their wallet, and they had their secure, private communication channel. It was like giving everyone in the marketplace their secure locker. Users now had an email inbox that was truly theirs, with all of web3 in one place. They could enjoy the benefits of web3 security, privacy, and ownership of all their communication. But the revolution didn't stop there. Mailchain is multichain, which means that Lens users could communicate with users on other blockchains. It was like setting up trade routes between different marketplaces, opening up communication across web3 and across multiple blockchains.

Email that's built for Web3. Read, Write, Own.