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Misha Deville
May 29, 2023

Case Study: Unjumble


Unjumble is not your average daily email newsletter. It's a beacon of light in the vast ocean of web3, guiding users to the news and communities that matter most to them. With unjumble, users can register and configure their accounts to receive daily updates about the projects they're passionate about. It's a personalized newsstand in the digital world, delivering the latest web3 news with a personal touch.

The Challenge

Unjumble is a master at curating web3 news, but there was a disconnect for their web3 audience. Delivering futuristic news using web2 email protocols to deliver their newsletters, which compromises a lot of the principles that web3 is built around, and the values that a lot of their audience care about. Their users craved a web3 native experience, a way to receive news that offered more security and privacy. They wanted to feel the pulse of web3 in every aspect of their interaction with unjumble.

The Solution

That's where Mailchain comes in. We wanted to help transform unjumble's excellent solution to be truly web3 native. Providing privacy, security, and communication layers for web3 email, enabling Unjumble to deliver their newsletters in a truly web3 native way. This allows Unjumble's users to maintain their anonymity and keep their digital identity separate and secure. They could even use multiple identities to organize their newsletters, adding a layer of personalization to their daily dose of web3 news.

The Results

The integration of Mailchain with unjumble is la match made in heaven. Unjumble could now deliver personalized web3 daily updates directly to the users' wallets, enhancing convenience, privacy, and security. It was like having a personal news delivery service that knew exactly what you wanted to read. The integration also allows users to use multiple wallet addresses or identities to separate and organize their web3 updates. It was like having a personal assistant who knew exactly how to organize your reading material. The result is a more efficient, personalized web3 experience that puts the user in control.

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