You Can Now Email with Your Aurora Domain

You Can Now Email with Your Aurora Domain

January 18, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Aurora Domains are now fully integrated with Mailchain's email platform. That means you can send and receive messages using your favorite .aurora domain names.

How to get started

Ready to send an email with your .aurora identity? It's as easy as 1-2-3. Simply register your wallet on Mailchain, and start sending messages in seconds. https://go.mailchain.com/email_with_aurora

For more detailed information, you can read the step-by-step guide available here:  

What Aurora is saying about this

"Web3 is a young and evolving ecosystem. New decentralized applications are opening the doors to unique experiences in every sector, and now; the time has come to inaugurate a new era for Web3-native communication on Aurora with the onset of Mailchain."

Read the full post here: https://auroraisnear.medium.com/mailchain-the-future-of-web3-communication-landing-at-aurora-83666880af7  

And see the twitter announcement and AMA here:  

Why Mailchain is excited about this

Aurora is a rich web3 ecosystem, built on NEAR, with a strong, diverse group of builders. Now that Mailchain as integrated .aurora domains, we look forward to how the Aurora builders use our SDK.  https://docs.mailchain.com/developer  

With this partnership, users can communicate wallet-to-wallet and .aurora-to-.aurora. We’re excited to work together to offer web3 email and messaging for Aurora users. We look forward to spreading the word to the Aurora community and hearing from you directly in our inbox. Say hi to us at --> welove.aurora and join our puzzle quest https://twitter.com/Mailchain_xyz/status/1615370422362734592

What’s coming next

We’re working quickly to make Mailchain your favorite web3 inbox. Expect to see more project and protocol interoperability added to Mailchain in the coming months.    

If you have requests for a project or protocol you’d like to see added, please submit your request to our open feedback tool at: https://feedback.mailchain.com  

Meet the writer

Meg is an avid writer, web3-er who also loves to travel with her dog Cozy. She leads community efforts at Mailchain.