Mailchain x Pikespeak x Ref.finance: Turning Insight Into Action

Mailchain x Pikespeak x Ref.finance: Turning Insight Into Action

November 22, 2023

Mailchain and Pikespeak have teamed up to offer something a new, native way for NEAR projects and communities to connect and build relationships. At Mailchain we help people communicate securely and privately over web3, using their wallet addresses and favorite identities (.eth, .near, .tez, etc.). Pikespeak is a data and analytics solution that provides insight to DeFi, DAOs, Gaming, and NFT projects to unlock key insights and trends through on-chain data. 

Together, we aim to make it easier for the NEAR ecosystem to engage community members in a meaningful, personal and private way. 


Introducing Drop by Pikespeak.

Web3 Email Marketing

This Mailchain integration provides a complete web3 email marketing solution for all NEAR users, DAOs and projects!

Easily create audiences based on onchain activity by segmenting contract activity across various topics

Target these users with customised and detailed web3 emails created using intuitive email editors (you can also add HTML to match your brand)

Use the included analytics dashboard for each web3 email campaign to gain insight into relevant on-chain actions taken by the engaged wallet addresses. 

Use Cases

So who’s taking advantage of this new communication tool? 

Ref Finance, a leading crypto trading platform which oversees approximately 80% of the volume on the NEAR protocol, with over 92,000 top traders, showcases the power of this integration. They use Pikespeak to identify these top traders and reach out to them directly, using just their wallet address, to relay exclusive and relevant content. Ref Finance is also using Pikespeak to help onboard new users by automating the delivery of “getting started” content direct to users’ inboxes. Ref Finance users can now check their Mailchain inbox and hear directly from the team about what’s coming next.    

The emails sent through Mailchain are secure too. Both the sender and receiver are verified, and the messages are encrypted. Projects and users can be confident that their communication is private and secure. 


The Mailchain x Pikespeak partnership means NEAR projects can now easily understand their data thanks to PikesPeak and do something about it--communicate with their users securely and directly with Mailchain.  

If you'd like to experience this tool then getting started is easy!

  1. First, grab yourself a free Mailchain account here
  2. Join the Drop whitelist to gain access to the tool here
  3. Start crafting your web3 email marketing campaigns

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Tom is a web3 Marketer and Growth Hacker. He’s been helping both brands and creators launch their own web3 ideas and experiences since 2019, mostly focusing on blockchain gaming and the Metaverse he brings a down-to-earth and open-minded perspective on these huge trends.
Tom Sargent
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