It's Launch Day! Your Web3 Inbox Is Here

It's Launch Day! Your Web3 Inbox Is Here

September 8, 2022

I’m excited to announce this to our community first. Mailchain is live! Yes, that means you can claim your Web3 inbox here: https://app.mailchain.com  

Mailchain is the new communications layer for Web3. Email built for Web3.

  • It's secure, with end-to-end encrypted messages.
  • It's easy to signup. You can create an account in 2 minutes or less.  
  • You can connect as many wallets as you want.
  • It's free. No charge or gas fees.

This inbox is going to be the way you communicate with the creators, communities and projects that matter most to you. That one tab in your browser you never close.

What’s different about Mailchain? I could talk a lot about the tech, including end-to-end encrypted 1-1 and group messages, multi-protocol and multi-wallet support, etc. But I believe what sets Mailchain apart the most is our people. The entire Mailchain team [you can meet them here] have been working around the clock for weeks to make today possible. It’s a big milestone on our roadmap and sets the bar high, as we intend to continue.

We also would not be here without the help and support from our investors, with Crane Venture Partners and Kenetic Capital leading the way.

And here is everything further you need to know:



Meet the writer

Prior to Mailchain, Tim created and led the Emerging Technologies startup strategy at AWS, which was responsible for all blockchain startup customers. He has worked with many key organisations including the Ethereum Foundation, Web3 Foundation and Algorand.
Tim Boeckmann
CEO Mailchain