Mailchain Community Update, January 2022

Mailchain Community Update, January 2022

February 3, 2022

We’re delighted to share our January 2022 updates with the Mailchain community…


We’ve been building the new platform, hiring designers & engineers, and establishing integration partnerships.


Over the past month, our primary focus is the launch of the new Mailchain platform. This platform prioritises user experience. It should be simple for users to get set up and start sending or receiving messages.

Our overall approach is a significant departure from the way web3 messaging has been implemented before. This includes multi-chain addressing support, users can send and receive messages with their existing addresses using corresponding name services, and group messaging will be supported. Messages will, or course, remain end-to-end encrypted.

We’re really excited about what’s to come and will be able to release more information as we approach our launch date (expected around the end of Q1/ early Q2 2022).

Integrations With Projects

We are having conversations with potential integration partners from across the DeFi and NFT space. Users are getting very frustrated about not being able to get updates from projects they use! We will continue to scope out new projects and use cases to identify the best ways to help users. Feel free to share your use cases with us in the discord (https://discord.gg/ZMnJNx4WkQ).


To help us move faster, we’re looking to expand the team. We announced some new roles we’re looking to fill, including software engineering, community, and product/UI design talent.

📣 Please spread the word and refer folks you know who might be a good fit and deliver high quality work: https://angel.co/company/mailchain-xyz/jobs/ 📣

If you have skills you think we might need but don’t see an exact match, please reach out to one of us in our discord. We’re open to bold ideas and changing the scope of certain roles.


Useful Resources:

Mailchain Website: Mailchain.xyz
Mailchain Discord: https://discord.gg/ZMnJNx4WkQ
Mailchain Careers: https://angel.co/company/mailchain-xyz/jobs/

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Prior to Mailchain, Tim created and led the Emerging Technologies startup strategy at AWS, which was responsible for all blockchain startup customers. He has worked with many key organisations including the Ethereum Foundation, Web3 Foundation and Algorand.
Tim Boeckmann
CEO Mailchain