Mailchain Community Update, August 2022

Mailchain Community Update, August 2022

August 2, 2022

We’re excited to share our August 2022 updates with our Mailchain community. First, welcome to all of our new members! We’re delighted to have you.


We’re making significant progress. Our engineering team has been working tirelessly on the Mailchain application to incorporate early user feedback The team is now finalizing added features and completing quality checks.

A big thank you to all those who participated in testing and shared their thoughts ❤️.

We're inviting anyone especially interested in Beta to fill out this form, so we can create the ideal onboarding experience for you.

We are exploring integration partnerships, as the developer SDK is almost ready. For those interested, reach out to us in Discord.


Mailchain has received very positive feedback, especially for usability. Users feel right at home when they get to their inbox. That’s exactly what we want.

Developing a new layer of communication for blockchain is both and art and a science. We’re taking time to make sure the infrastructure guarantees user privacy and security.

Thanks for your patience with us while we get this right.

If you’re especially interested in participating in our Beta please fill out this form, so we can get to know each of you better — your individual use case, communication preferences, etc. — and design the ideal onboarding experience for our community.

We’re also working on an SDK that will make it easy and fast for developers to integrate into their apps. This means communities can grow quickly — teams and projects can onboard their followers and start communicating, wallet to wallet.

As a user, you can receive notifications that relate to your personal on-chain activity without compromising your privacy. No more sifting through noisy social channels or scrolling through timelines. Everything will be in one place. And that place will be private and secure.


The discord count sits at >140 members. We love our OGs; you keep us motivated every day. Because you joined so early, we are building with your biggest priorities in mind—identity, decentralization, free messaging, portability, etc.

We also love new members. We welcome new projects to integrate with, who will work closely with us to establish the best messaging use cases. Feel free to share use cases with us in Discord, or tell us who you want us to integrate with.


Finally, Mailchain is hiring. Currently we’re on the lookout for a Senior Product& UX/UI Designer 🎨.

Do you know someone with design experience who understands Web3 (even if they still work in Web2)? They can apply here.


Useful Resources:

Mailchain Website: Mailchain.com
Mailchain Discord: https://discord.gg/ZMnJNx4WkQ
Mailchain Careers: https://www.mailchain.com/careers

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Prior to Mailchain, Tim created and led the Emerging Technologies startup strategy at AWS, which was responsible for all blockchain startup customers. He has worked with many key organisations including the Ethereum Foundation, Web3 Foundation and Algorand.
Tim Boeckmann
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