Mailchain introduces support for .bnb and .arb web3 domains

Mailchain introduces support for .bnb and .arb web3 domains

May 18, 2023

The decentralized web has witnessed significant growth and adoption, with platforms like Binance and Arbitrum playing a crucial role in this evolution. As these communities' flourish, the need for efficient and user-friendly communication solutions that support unique domains, such as .bnb and .arb, becomes increasingly vital. Recognizing this demand, Mailchain has integrated with SPACE ID to introduce web3-native email support for .bnb and .arb identities, bringing powerful communication to these vibrant ecosystems.

Empowering Web3 Identities  

We have been working with web3 identity providers and name service providers to empower web3 domain owners to benefit from more communication-related utility. With this integration, users with .arb and .bnb identities can leverage the power of Mailchain to send and receive encrypted web3 emails, fostering direct communication between applications, peers, DAOs, projects, and communities.

The Benefits

Firstly, the integration opens a door for users to be able to communicate in web3. By using Mailchain’s web-based client to manage their web3 communication across multiple wallets and identities, users can save time and effort by avoiding the need to switch between different applications and platforms. This can help to increase productivity and ensure that users are able to focus on what really matters – building and engaging with the web3 community.

Secondly, the integration makes it easier for users to manage their online identities. By using web3 identities as a point of contact, users can ensure that their online persona is consistent across different web3 applications and services. This helps to build trust and credibility within the web3 community and ensures that users can easily manage their reputation and online interactions.

Finally, by leveraging web3 identities and decentralized messaging, we can offer a communication solution that is user-owned, and which puts control of data firmly in the hands of users.

Uniting Developers and Users

The combined benefits of Mailchain and SPACE ID extends beyond users. Developers also benefit, as the Mailchain SDK makes it easy to add web3-native email support into their projects. With the SPACE ID SDK facilitating domain integration across multiple chains, developers can seamlessly incorporate .arb and .bnb identities into their applications, enhancing the overall web3 experience for their users.

Embracing the Future of Web3 Communication

As the web3 ecosystem continues to mature, reliable and secure communication solutions become increasingly critical, we continue to work towards our vision of a multichain communication protocol. The inclusion of .bnb and .arb identities is our latest step towards this vision allowing communication with other web3 participants.

"Email remains the fundamental means of online communication. Users from the BNB Chain and Arbitrum ecosystems have requested the ability to use their domain names in Mailchain, so we’re excited to bring them this functionality." said Tim Boeckmann, CEO of Mailchain. "The integration of .bnb and .arb into Mailchain represents a pivotal step for supporting these important web3 communities."

By leveraging the power of web3 identities and decentralized communication, Mailchain and SPACE ID are revolutionizing how users interact within the BNB Chain and Arbitrum communities. This collaboration not only fosters direct and secure communication but also strengthens the privacy and autonomy of digital identities.

Find Out More

So why not try it out for yourself and start communicating with your web3 identity today? To learn more about the Mailchain and SPACE ID integration, check out the links below:

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