How to Add Web3 email into my app

How to Add Web3 email into my app

February 25, 2023

Why might you want to do this?

  • Web3 applications prioritize privacy and data ownership.
  • In Web3, people often login and interact with applications using their crypto-wallets, rather than Web2 emails or other personal identifiers.
  • The problem is the projects can’t communicate directly with their users, and users can’t communicate with each other.
  • Collectors can’t message NFT owners to discuss trades, DAO’s can’t privately message members, and projects can’t send updates.
  • Integrating Web3-native messaging allows you and your users to send private messages to each other using wallet addresses or Web3 identities (e.g. ENS names).

Solution Overview

Through a practical example, you’ll learn how to build an Express App that exposes an API you can use to send messages with Mailchain.

Your app will use the Mailchain SDK that handles signatures, encryption, and sending the message. In most cases, you would add a route to an existing Express App, but for this tutorial, you'll create a new app.

Video Tutorial

Meet the writer

Misha Deville
Head of BD & Parnterships at Mailchain, Ex-AWS