ENS Available Today — Community Update November 2022

ENS Available Today — Community Update November 2022

November 22, 2022

Another exciting month using our new Web3 inbox. We’re very pleased to announce we have integrated ENS with Mailchain!  

What does that mean for you?

You can send private messages via your personalized .eth domain name.

As the most widely adopted crypto wallet naming service on the market, the open-source, non-profit ENS domain project has emerged as a pillar of Web3 identification.

How do you get started?

Simply register your wallet on Mailchain via Metamask, and start sending messages with your ENS in seconds. https://app.mailchain.com/

Step-by-step guide also available here:


Mailchain started with a simple question over 3 years ago: Why aren't people using their Web3 wallets to communicate? To answer to that question, and many others, we wrote the Mailchain Whitepaper.

Download it here. 📩


We are hard at work on integrations with Mailchain, to make it the most inclusive, multi-chain Web3 email provider. We will have more announcements in the coming months about big integrations with your favorite naming services.  

For interested builders, please see the following links to find out more about integrating with Mailchain:


Mailchain is hiring! Currently we’re on the lookout for:

1. Senior Protocol Engineer

2. Fullstack Javascript Developer Experience Engineer

3. Senior Golang Developer


We attended Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, where our CTO, Rob de Feo, spoke on the AWS Startups stage about web3 and the future of the Internet.  We will have a complete recording of that to share very soon!

Product Hunt

Mailchain also had a great Product Hunt launch, thanks to our amazing supporters we received over 100+ upvotes within the first 8 hours and climbed into the daily top 25 overall.

If you’d like to show your support, you can do so here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/mailchain

Say Hi

Got feedback? Mailchain us at hi@mailchain (https://app.mailchain.com/mailto:hi@mailchain.com?subject=Mailchain%20Feedback).

Say GM

We’re preparing a Mailchain newsletter. Want to be on the list?

Subscribe with your Mailchain address or wallet here. https://mailchain.com/forms/mailchain-newsletter-signup



Meet the writer

Prior to Mailchain, Tim created and led the Emerging Technologies startup strategy at AWS, which was responsible for all blockchain startup customers. He has worked with many key organisations including the Ethereum Foundation, Web3 Foundation and Algorand.
Tim Boeckmann
CEO Mailchain