DevDAO x Mailchain Hackathon: Building Functional Components for Web3 Communication

DevDAO x Mailchain Hackathon: Building Functional Components for Web3 Communication

March 31, 2023

Hello, fellow developers and enthusiasts of Web3 communication!

At Mailchain, we are excited to announce our upcoming hackathon in partnership with DevDAO, starting on April 5th. Our goal is to challenge developers to build and extend functional components for native communication in Web3 apps using the Mailchain SDK. We invite developers to submit their innovative ideas for useful communication in Web3 and incorporate the Mailchain SDK into their projects.

We believe that the Web3 ecosystem has enormous potential, and we are excited to see how our developers will leverage the Mailchain SDK to build components that will support real-world use cases. The Web3 community has a wealth of knowledge and talent, and we want to tap into that creativity to drive innovation and adoption of Web3 communication.

Our Mailchain SDK

The Mailchain SDK is a multi-chain communication protocol that helps projects communicate with their users across any protocol. It takes care of the complexity of signing, verifying, encrypting, and decrypting across the web3 communications layer.

We have also developed the unified Mailchain inbox, users can privately receive from and send to any Web3 identity or blockchain address as simply as using webmail. This unified inbox is a great representation of all the things that can be achieved using our SDK. We are excited to see the adaptations, alternatives, and upgrades that developers from around the world will bring to it.

The Hackathon Challenge

The hackathon challenge is to build or extend useful and composable components for developers, powered by the Mailchain SDK, for native-communication features in web3 apps. These components should support real-world use cases and be easily integrated into other applications.


Prize Bounty 1: Developer Components

Our first bounty of work is aimed at developers who can build communication components into their projects using the Mailchain SDK. We encourage developers to think creatively and come up with innovative ideas that demonstrate the power and flexibility of Mailchain. Examples of functional components could include magic link login, user-to-user direct mail, or project-to-user support systems. However, we welcome any ideas that will help drive the adoption of Web3 communication.

Our judges will evaluate each submission based on its functionality, creativity, and potential impact on the Web3 community. We will award the first-place winner with a bounty of $600 USDC, while the second and third place winners will receive $400 USDC and $200 USDC, respectively.

Prize Bounty 2: Developer Tutorial Contributor Post

Our second bounty of work is for developers who can produce guides and tutorials on exciting ways to use the Mailchain SDK. We believe that knowledge sharing is critical to the growth and success of the Web3 ecosystem, and we want to reward those who can help us educate, explain, and inspire other developers to continue building powerful communication tools. We have four prizes of $150 USDC to award for this bounty.

Submissions are due by 8 pm UTC on 14th April 2023

How to Get Involved

To take part in the hackathon just follow these easy steps:

  1. Head over to Luma to join the workshop and head here to sign up for the Hackathon
  2. Join in the workshop to learn about our SDK and how to bring web3 communication functions to your project. Don't worry if you miss the live workshop you can still get all the code and steps here: https://ethworkshop.eth.limo/
  3. Choose which bounty you want to participate in:
  4. Bounty 1: Developer Components
  5. Bounty 2: Developer Tutorial Contributor Post
  6. Sign up to our Discord server to stay updated and connect with other participants: https://discord.gg/2gqGpagbhe
  7. Start building your communication components or writing your tutorial. (Don't forget to use the Mailchain SDK)
  8. Submit your work and show off the amazing things you have created!

We are so excited for this hackathon and we know that the brilliant builders across the web3 world will enjoy it too. If you need any help, support, or have any questions you can reach out to us on our Discord or via Mailchain

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Tom is a web3 Marketer and Growth Hacker. He’s been helping both brands and creators launch their own web3 ideas and experiences since 2019, mostly focusing on blockchain gaming and the Metaverse he brings a down-to-earth and open-minded perspective on these huge trends.
Tom Sargent
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