Dev Spotlight EP7 - Patrick Skinner - Developer DAO & Agami

Dev Spotlight EP7 - Patrick Skinner - Developer DAO & Agami

August 11, 2023

In this latest episode of the Dev Spotlight series, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Patrick Skinner, the DevRel for Intuition and a content manager for DeveloperDAO. Patrick's journey into the world of web3 is anything but ordinary, and his insights into the space are both enlightening and inspiring.

A Non-Traditional Path to Web3

Patrick's entry into web3 didn't follow the usual software engineering or crypto route. Instead, his background as a former Special Operations Combat Medic and Mass Casualty Coordinator led him to the world of human trafficking interdiction. Realizing the need for a technological solution to combat human trafficking, Patrick was drawn to web3 and the potential of NFTs to negate counterfeiting channels.

His initial venture into web3 involved building a company called Agami, focusing on using NFC and IoT methods for authenticating physical products. Exploring various technologies, including RFID and NFC integration with NFTs, to ensure the technology's continuity beyond individual companies. This journey has led him to explore decentralized approaches and the development of secure links that could exist beyond the company's lifespan. The Agami vision is to create NFT NFC chips to decentralized profiles, ensuring the persistence of physical products long after the company's existence.

The Power of Persistent Profiles and Gaming

Patrick's insights extend into the gaming industry, where he sees the potential for persistent profiles and the quantification of subjective information. He reflects on the missed opportunities by companies like Blizzard and the potential for web3 to pioneer and scale gaming experiences.

He also highlights the potential for research within gaming, from fintech to governmental research, and the ability to test and model web3 ecosystems within the gaming industry.

A Passion for Teaching and DevRel

Patrick's role as a DevRel is driven by his passion for teaching and his desire to help others grow. He emphasizes the importance of being a bridge builder in web3, navigating challenges, and helping others cross the bridge to understanding.

His excitement for the upcoming Intuition Alpha release shines through, hinting at the potential for data-driven knowledge and insights paired with blockchain transparency.

Advice for Aspiring Web3 Developers

Patrick's advice for those starting in web3 is to avoid overcomplicating things and to start small. He encourages building small pieces, learning from the experience, and sharing that knowledge. By mastering the fundamentals and building step by step, aspiring developers can create impactful solutions without aiming to become the next big tech giant.

Patrick Skinner's unique journey into web3 is a testament to the diverse paths that lead to this exciting space. His insights into decentralized solutions, gaming, teaching, and development offer valuable lessons for anyone interested in web3. His passion for building bridges and helping others navigate the complex world of web3 is both commendable and inspiring.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Patrick and his work with Intuition, and don't miss the opportunity to learn from his unique perspective on web3.

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