Dev Spotlight EP5 - Dawson - Earnifi & Bankless

Dev Spotlight EP5 - Dawson - Earnifi & Bankless

July 14, 2023

Welcome to the Dev Spotlight series with Mailchain, where we dive into the stories of exceptional individuals shaping the world of technology. In this edition, we have the privilege of talking to Dawson (Daws.eth), a prominent figure in the hackathon arena, creator of Earnifi and the CTO at Bankless. Let's delve into Dawson's journey and learn more about his experiences and the fascinating projects he has been involved in.

Discovering the Hackathon Arena

Dawson has become a legend in the hackathon community, known for his remarkable contributions and innovative ideas. As an extroverted nerd, he relishes the opportunity to connect with fellow developers, considering them his kindred spirits. Hackathons have been a pivotal factor in Dawson's journey, shaping his career and the projects he has worked on. Not only in fostering friendships but also in determining the viability of ideas.

The fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled environment gives him the challenge of creating minimum viable products (MVPs) quickly and gaining valuable user feedback. Winning hackathons also holds a special place in his heart, as it offers an opportunity to present his creations on stage and witness the awe and motivation it instills in the audience.

The impact of hackathons on the Web3 ecosystem cannot be overstated. We discuss the significance of these events in fostering groundbreaking projects and collaborations. Many of the products he has been involved with, including Earnifi, originated from hackathon experiences. The connections made during these events and the subsequent development of ideas have paved the way for remarkable advancements in the Web3 space.

The Journey to Financial Inclusion: Banking the Unbanked

One of Dawson's primary areas of interest is emerging markets and financial inclusion. Inspired by Bitcoin's initial mission to 'Bank the unbanked', he is determined to find solutions that empower individuals in underserved regions. While acknowledging the challenges and potential risks of early onboarding, he envisions a future where Web3 technologies can make a substantial positive impact on individuals' lives.

Earnifi, Dawson's groundbreaking product, plays a vital role in filtering out the noise and providing valuable information to users. It addresses the problem of spam and delivers curated information personal to individuals and their assets. Earnifi began with a focus on airdrops, but has expanded to cover governance and other areas within the Web3 ecosystem. His relentless pursuit of spam-free, efficient information channels has propelled Earnifi to become a trusted tool for many, particularly with the sheer volume of information in the Web3 space. Now owrking with Bankless to grow Earnifi even further, the team are on a mission to simplify this process, providing users with valuable insights and enabling them to stay informed without getting lost in the noise.

Advice for Future Web3 Developers

Drawing from his own experiences, Dawson offers valuable advice to aspiring Web3 developers. He encourages individuals to embrace the beginner's mindset and approach learning with patience and humility. In the ever-evolving world of software development, there is always something new to learn and explore. Additionally, he advises developers to find their passion and let it consume them, as true dedication and enthusiasm lead to remarkable achievements and impactful contributions.

It was an absolute pleasure talking with Dawson about his journey into Web3, software development, and becoming a CTO. Make sure to check out the full epsiode, and the other episodes in the series to learn about the brilliant developers building the next generation of the internet.

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