Dev Spotlight EP4 - Ellie - Bello Insights

Dev Spotlight EP4 - Ellie - Bello Insights

June 30, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, data is the new gold. It's the key to understanding user behavior, optimizing strategies, and ultimately, driving success in the digital realm. One of the pioneers in this space is Ellie, the co-founder and CTO of Bello, a revolutionary analytics tool that empowers Web3 creators with actionable insights.

Career Journey

Ellie's journey into the Web3 space is as fascinating as the technology itself. With a background in engineering, she started coding in high school and pursued computer science at Temple University in Philadelphia. It was during her university years that she first dipped her toes into the crypto world, learning about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Ellie's career trajectory took her from Lockheed Martin, where she worked on aerospace engineering, to Comcast Headquarters, where she was involved in full-stack development. She then moved to Los Angeles to work for NBC, focusing on cloud engineering. It was during this time that Ellie fell deep into the crypto rabbit hole, spurred by her passion for music and the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In May 2021, Ellie decided to dive full-time into Web3, working for Lunar Crush, a company specializing in social data analytics for crypto. From here she met her co-founder, Adam, and the idea for Bello was born. They took this idea to a hackathon, won, and have been working on it ever since.

Web3 Data and its power for creators

Bello is a powerful analytics tool designed to help Web3 creators understand their community through numbers and interactions. It helps creators grow their audience and monetize through NFT sales. Bello provides curated metrics that allow creators to dive into Web3 for the first time, showing them things like what price to sell their NFT at, what time to sell it based on transaction data, and which communities to market to based on the collectors' current wallet contents.

One of the unique features of Bello is its ability to handle a vast amount of data. Unlike other tools in the marketing analytics space, Bello allows users to search any NFT contract that has ever existed and get that data almost instantly. This feature was part of Bello's vision from the very beginning, and it has been a rewarding experience for Ellie and her team to bring it to life.

Ellie's Advice

Ellie's advice for anyone looking to become a Web3 developer is to get your hands dirty. She encourages aspiring developers to attend hackathons, learn from others, and build something. The energy and creativity at these events are unmatched, and they provide a fertile ground for innovation and learning.

Make sure to follow Ellie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/elliefarrisi
And Bello too: https://twitter.com/bellosights
Find out more about Bello right here: https://www.bello.lol/

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