Dev Spotlight EP3 - Greg - ENS Domains & Farcaster

Dev Spotlight EP3 - Greg - ENS Domains & Farcaster

June 16, 2023

We are thrilled to talk with Greg, a renowned figure in the web3 community, known for his remarkable contributions to projects like ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and Farcaster. In this interview, Greg shares his experiences, insights, and projects, shedding light on the world of web3 and the future of online identity.

Uncovering the Fascination with Web3

Greg's journey into the web3 space all started during the NFT craze in the summer of 2021. He stumbled upon .eth names on Twitter, which piqued his curiosity. Recognizing that these names were part of the ENS ecosystem, Greg began exploring how he could extend their functionality and introduce new innovative ideas to the ENS community. Coming from a background in tech and web development, he found web3 to be a refreshing departure from the traditional web2 landscape.

Building Projects and Embracing Permissionless Innovation

Inspired by the possibilities of web3, Greg delved into building projects that catered to the needs and desires of the community. One of his notable creations is the Ethereum Leaderboard, which provided ENS enthusiasts with a way to gauge their ranks within the community by seeing which of them had the most influence on Twitter. Greg's commitment to continuous learning and experimentation led him to develop his own ETH Starter toolkit, a resource that can help you get started quickly building a web3 dApp or website with Ethereum effortlessly. These projects not only garnered attention but also propelled Greg deeper into the ENS ecosystem.

The Farcaster Connection

While already making significant contributions to the web3 space, Greg's journey took an exciting turn when he crossed paths with the Farcaster team. Farcaster, a decentralized social app, recognized Greg's passion for permissionless development and invited him to explore their platform. Greg's collaboration with Farcaster led to the creation of the Farcaster Search tool, which allows users to navigate and search through Farcaster content seamlessly. This experience cemented Greg's presence in the Farcaster community, adding another dimension to his web3 journey.

Insights and Advice for Aspiring Web3 Developers

Throughout the interview, Greg shares valuable insights and advice for those starting their journey in the web3 space. He emphasizes the importance of keeping a finger on the pulse of the community, listening to their needs, and identifying opportunities for innovation. Greg highlights hackathons as a fantastic avenue for turning ideas into reality, encouraging developers to participate and leverage the dedicated time they provide. By combining community engagement, awareness of trends, and hackathon experiences, aspiring web3 developers can unlock their full potential.

The Future of Web3 Identity and ENS

One of the focal points of the conversation revolves around the future of web3 identity and the role of ENS in shaping it. Greg envisions ENS as the solution to the ongoing challenge of online identity, drawing parallels to how DNS domains revolutionized the web2 landscape. He anticipates a future where existing DNS names can seamlessly integrate into the web3 ecosystem, providing users with a unified online identity experience. Greg's optimism for the growth and adoption of ENS shines through, as he believes it will continue to play a vital role in the web3 space.

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