Dev Spotlight Ep2 – Developer DAO winner Keshav

Dev Spotlight Ep2 – Developer DAO winner Keshav

June 2, 2023

Welcome to the Dev Spotlight series with Mailchain! In today's edition, we are thrilled to feature Keshav Sharma, one of the winners of the recent hackathon organized by Dev DAO. Keshav's outstanding work and innovative project caught our attention, and we are excited to delve into his background, the project he developed, and his current endeavors. Let's explore the fascinating world of Keshav Sharma and his journey in web3.

Learning in Web3

Keshav, has always been deeply interested in machine learning and deep learning. Together with a friend, he wrote a research paper focused on neural networks and similar topics. Following his research experience, Keshav embarked on an internship that exposed him to various backend concepts. Through his college friends involved in web3, Keshav discovered the world of decentralized technologies and was instantly captivated.

Having studied at C.K. Pithawala College in India, Keshav found inspiration and support from his web3-oriented friends, which led him to venture into the web3 space. Their collective enthusiasm and shared experiences shaped Keshav's path and motivated him to explore this field.

DeveloperDAO Winner

Now, let's dive into Keshav's impressive entry for the Dev DAO Hackathon. Keshav utilized React to create templates for the Mailchain Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling the integration of visually appealing and customizable email systems within the web3 ecosystem. The idea originated from a friend who envisioned a component library facilitating seamless navigation and simplified implementation of React email components. Intrigued by the concept, Keshav decided to develop it further, and when the Mailchain hackathon was announced, he seized the opportunity to turn his idea into reality.

Initially, Keshav had concerns about the complexity of the project. However, as he explored React email and its compatibility with Mailchain, he realized that his vision could be achieved through simple React code. With the addition of Tailwind for enhanced aesthetics and CSS implementation, Keshav successfully created a remarkable user experience for Mailchain emails. His article supporting the entry provides valuable insights and serves as a comprehensive guide for beautifying emails with Mailchain. For those interested, we highly recommend reading his article, which we've linked in the comments section below.

We are immensely pleased with Keshav's entry and the effort he put into his project. It is clear that his passion for web3 and his determination to contribute to its growth drive his success. Kudos to Keshav for his exceptional work, and thank you for participating in the hackathon!

Advice on Getting Started in web3

As an aspiring web3 developer, Keshav believes it is an excellent time to explore the field. He advises beginners to start their journey by joining communities like Developer DAO. Keshav's own journey began with a birthday gift from a friend: $400 tokens that granted him access to Developer DAO. This marked the start of his immersive learning experience. Additionally, Keshav recommends the "speedrun Ethereum" course by Austin Griffith, which offers invaluable insights into Ethereum and scaffold ETH, a development framework. Building projects, referring to documentation (such as the comprehensive documentation provided by Mailchain), and gaining hands-on experience are crucial steps in becoming a proficient web3 developer.

Thank you once again, Keshav, for your time and inspiring insights. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and we are excited to witness your continued growth in the web3 space.

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