Dev Spotlight Ep1 – Subdomain minting with Karan from UDtools.app

Dev Spotlight Ep1 – Subdomain minting with Karan from UDtools.app

May 19, 2023

In our inaugural episode of Dev Spotlight, we have the pleasure of hosting Karan Goraniya, the brilliant developer behind UDTools. Join us as we delve into Karan's journey, his passion for web3 community empowerment, and the tools he has built to enable seamless subdomain minting with Unstoppable Domains. Discover how Karan's dedication to fostering collaboration and supporting the growth of communities has led to remarkable achievements in the web3 space.


In this engaging interview, we explore Karan's motivation for creating UDTools and dive into the intricacies of this remarkable platform. UDTools has revolutionized the way communities and DAOs create and manage subdomains, providing a simple yet powerful solution for enhancing user experiences. Karan's vision for empowering communities shines through as we discuss his aspirations, advice for aspiring developers, and his exciting plans for the future.

Building UDTools

Karan shares the inspiration behind UDTools, highlighting the need to simplify the subdomain minting process with Unstoppable Domains. He recognized the immense potential for communities and DAOs to create unique subdomains for their users, fostering a sense of identity and inclusivity. UDTools emerged as a transformative tool, streamlining the subdomain creation experience and facilitating seamless community interactions.

Shortly after getting his tool working, Karan heard about the announcement that Mailchain now supported Unstoppable Domain names for email addresses. Excited by the new possibilities that this support unlocked for subdomains, Karan reached out to us here at Mailchain.  

Passion for Web3 Community Empowerment

Discover Karan's deep-rooted passion for community empowerment within the web3 ecosystem. As we explore his motivations, Karan emphasizes the significance of enabling communities to work collaboratively, leveraging the power of decentralized technologies. His commitment to building tools that facilitate collaboration and strengthen communities underscores the positive impact web3 can have on collective endeavors.

Future Endeavors and a DAO on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Karan shares his exciting plans for the future. He envisions establishing his own DAO, driven by the desire to further promote community participation, inclusivity, and decentralized decision-making. Karan's dedication to shaping the future of web3 through community-driven initiatives highlights his unwavering commitment to the principles of decentralization and collaboration.

Advice for Developers

Drawing from his own experiences, Karan offers invaluable advice to aspiring developers. He encourages them to actively engage with communities, participate in hackathons, and leverage the collective knowledge and support of like-minded individuals. Karan emphasizes the importance of reaching out for help and fostering collaborations, as it is through joint efforts that developers can achieve extraordinary results and unlock their full potential.

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