Send and receive email messages directly between your
Aurora wallet address or .aurora name

The Communication Layer for Web3.

Internet communication needs to be simple, private, secure and decentralized.

It needs to work for everyone.

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It’s your inbox. It’s your message.

Create a Mailchain account using any personal blockchain addresses for no charge or gas fees.

You immediately feel at home in your inbox. Mailchain functions and feels just like regular email.

All messages are secured with end-to-end encryption. You own your keys.

Messages are encrypted and saved on decentralized storage, safe-guarding privacy.

No one can see which wallets are connected to your Mailchain account.

Communication for all things web3: NFTs, transactions, signups, airdrops, whitelists, and more.

An Inbox That's Finally Yours.

How Will You Use Mailchain?

For Yourself

Send and receive messages, get notifications,
communication and identities in one, simple inbox.

For Your Team

Communicate directly with followers, customers
and community. All you need is their blockchain
address, nothing more.

For Your Users

Integrate our open protocol into your application.
Build and iterate with us. Share feedback, Open
Source code contributions and more.

Built with your security in mind.


All messages are end-to-end encrypted using unique keys known only to the recipient. This ensures forwards and backwards secrecy. Mailchain cannot see a user's encrypted user profile or messages. This is all decrypted on the client side (in the browser).

Private Keys

Mailchain doesn't need to know your private keys to send and receive messages from existing blockchain addresses. Instead, it works with a unique identity key, and corresponding signing and encryption keys for each registered account.


Mailchain encrypts messages, stores them in distributed storage locations, then encrypts the location metadata that is transmitted on-chain. This means nobody can see who you're messaging or learn anything about the message size or location.


Users have access to a unified inbox, but it's not possible for anyone else to see which accounts are linked together. This means people can't infer your ownership across different account identities.

Email that's built for Web3. Read, Write, Own.