The Complete Guide to Web3 Marketing
This guide outlines how projects can adopt best web3 marketing practices using wallet-to-wallet communication.

The Problem with Web3 Marketing

Any web3 project will say there are several must-have channels to capture a web3 audience. The irony? They are web2-native. Most common are X, Telegram and Discord. But these channels are not verified with a wallet address. Sharing updates on these channels compromises many web3 principles such as data sovereignty and privacy.

Web3 marketers rely upon these social channels to connect with their target audience. But algorithms and the latest news/ notification stand in the way of meaningful connection.  

To follow a project, customers must often make a big compromise--give up anonymity (create a centralized account with a traditional email address) and be exposed to an algorithm which can carry a lot of noise as well as spam.  

Web3 marketers don’t have a direct, private channel of communication to reach their audience, a channel both sides can trust. Everyone is exhausted from having to check so many social accounts, containing notifications that may or may not be relevant to them.  

The Solution to Web3 Marketing

Imagine connecting with an audience through verified web3 identities: It's like having a one-on-one conversation with each customer, making marketing more personal and engaging. It's not just marketing; it's relationship-building.  

The best web3 marketing channel today is web3-native and can do just this: Mailchain is the communication layer for web3. It encrypts messages for 1:1 and group chats between people, using their web3 identities and wallet addresses. Mailchain is open source, working with all blockchain protocols: It's multichain and supports all EVMs and major chains. It includes an SDK for developers and a private web3 inbox for users.

With Mailchain, customers can receive meaningful content and updates that are directly related to their wallet address, or to activity they have chosen to be alerted to. With Mailchain, web3 marketers can create tailored contact lists using their wallet addresses and send direct messages to them, building stronger relationships with their communities.

Mailchain guarantees creators, business and organizations are speaking to the right people, using their wallet addresses and preferred web3 identities.  

Send Web3 Newsletters

Marketers can send attractive web3 email newsletters and updates straight to community wallets. No need for personal email addresses. Web3 marketers can create and use customizable templates to send beautiful exclusive content to web3 emails directly--all of their community members, on any major chain.

Make Web3 Contact Lists with Wallet Addresses

Web3 projects can use smart contract as their mailing list. Community wallet addresses can be aggregated and added as contact lists. Then, web3 marketers can send messages to the right people. They can even figure out what different groups want to hear about and talk to them directly.  

Look at what created using Mailchain's SDK to segment, target and send relevant rich email content to trader wallet addresses on NEAR protocol.

Create Web3 Email Campaigns

Send special content to wallet addresses. It's private (end-to-end encrypted) and goes straight to verified wallets, from a verified wallets. With Mailchain, marketers can create "trustable" web3 email campaigns to target specific wallet owners, such as NFT holders, POAP holders and DAO members.

This specificity can outperform traditional email outreach, as it’s to verified owners, not just vague account identities.

Build Web3 Drip Campaigns

Using automated emails and drip campaigns with Mailchain's web3-native communication protocol can ensure timely and relevant communication with an audience. This helps build relationships and guide them through the buyer's journey.

Send Campaigns to Any Chain

Mailchain is multichain. Web3 marketers can send secure, direct messages to all customers, with just their wallet address or web3 identity (.eth, .lens, .near, .tez, .sol, etc.).  

Keep Web3 Users Informed

Set up daily, weekly, monthly digests to send through Mailchain or trigger notifications based upon the onchain activity of users. Developers can easily integrate notification systems: Run a query against the indexer once a day that creates a daily digest which is sent via Mailchain.

View Tenderly Tutorial.

Signing Up for Web3 Alerts

People can choose to get notifications to their wallet instead of traditional email. Or send to both, whatever users prefer.

Automatic Welcome Messages

When someone makes a new account or purchase with their wallet, send them an automatic welcome message with Mailchain.

Relay Important Updates

Got a big change coming? Web3 projects can use Mailchain to tell customers about builder upgrades or things they need to do to keep up to date with security measures.

Build Long-Term Relationships

Web3 projects can analyze what content users like based upon onchain activity, or wallet transactions, and send them messages that matter. This helps build a stronger, more relevant connection.

Coordinate Web3 Events

Web3 events can be hard to manage without web3-native tools. Mailchain enables marketers to send messages wallet-to-wallet, including direct messages and bulk group messages, to as many wallets as they want. Marketers can send invites, directions, recap events, or give instructions for claiming event NFTs.

Send Campaigns to Many Wallets

Mailchain can handle big email campaigns to lots of wallets, so web3 marketers can target the largest audience possible.

Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

With Mailchain, web3 marketers can have a place and channel (web3 email) to create clear and compelling calls to action. Web3 projects can guide the target audience towards the desired action, whether it's a product purchase, event registration or other engagement.  

Ongoing Engagement

In web3 it's easy to become a passing fad. But when a project is connected to customers directly, with their wallet address, they can provide valuable insights, updates, or educational content about the Web3 project to nurture ongoing engagement.

Promote Data Ownership & Privacy

Mailchain is inherently private, with all messages being end-to-end encrypted. Web3 marketers can respect the recipients' control over their data throughout their communication and touchpoints, and this aligns with the Web3 ethos of user empowerment and privacy.  

Improve Leads & Campaign Quality

Mailchain verifies wallet addresses upon registration. This verification of wallet addresses can improve the quality of leads and the trustworthiness of campaigns, as it will only successfully reach and send to verified addresses.  


Wallet-based Web3 marketing is more than a new way to market; it's a new way to connect and engage with customers and communities. Web3 demands a shift from traditional communication channels to direct, wallet-based communication. With Mailchain, web3 marketers have a way to send personalized messages to any wallet on any chain. Web3 marketers can bypass social media algorithms and engage meaningfully with their audience, through a channel everyone can trust.  

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