The Complete Guide to NFT Marketing & Communication
This guide outlines how artists and platforms can create an NFT Marketing and Communication strategy that's personal and direct, using wallets and NFT smart contracts.

The Problem with NFT Marketing and Communication Today

NFT Artists aren’t just pioneering digital art creation; they’re pioneering its permanent record and sharing of it onchain. NFT Artists are the first of their kind. But they’re overwhelmed. Organizing communication channels, maintaining relationships: It’s a full-time job. Taking the time to manage the ongoing engagement and promotion of the art as much as it is creating the art.  

And it's much harder to do in web3.

Why NFT Artists want to engage with collectors directly, but it can easily become a full-time job

Artists want to connect. Collectors, after all, give meaning to their work. NFT Artists and web3 collectors have a relationship and need a mechanism to engage directly with one another. That relationship centers around bought art, purchased from a wallet address.  

NFT Artists live online, and often have a personal website, social channels and use NFT platforms, such as OpenSea, SuperRare and Objkt to sell their art. Successful NFT Artists are successful in part because they know how to develop and maintain relationships with their collectors. People continue to want to support an artist if they feel there is a relationship there.

But it takes time and energy to build and maintain these relationships.

Many collector relationships fall off, disappear, because the artist can’t maintain it, or the artist moves from creating art on one chain, to another. Marketing time takes away from creation. It is hard to find the right balance as an artist. And the division of art chains and collector groups on these chains makes it even more challenging.

NFT Artists must send the same messages over multiple social and community channels because none of the existing channels meet their needs for directly engaging collectors and fans, with a wallet address.

NFT Artists mostly rely on Direct Message (DM) promotion on social channels, and these can be time-consuming and noisy. The majority of creators don’t have a direct, private channel of communication to their collectors and community. They can only take advantage of existing NFT ownership through airdrops, which pose security risks.  

NFT Artists want a no-shill cultural experience

Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to most. They want their collectors to find them because of shared value and connection. Synchronous communication, through Direct Messages and community channels can feel awkward and make it easy for silent consumption on the part of collectors.  

How does an artist know who’s really interested? And is that contact just a follower, or a collector? Because these channels are not connected to wallets, artists don’t necessarily know followers are buyers. Some may be close friends or may become friends. But the people behind the wallet addresses purchase the art. And wallet-to-human connection isn’t obvious on these social channels. Overall, nurturing relationships is difficult on noisy channels where algorithms can work against you and accounts are not tied in any way to the wallet address a collector is using to collect the art.

The Solution to NFT Marketing and Communication

Artists want a communication channel that feels personal, but not pushy. Direct, but not high pressure.

So what is the ideal communication channel for NFT Artists?

Asynchronous, web3-native communication with Mailchain. To put it more simply, web3 email, email sent and received with a wallet address.  

With web3 email a collector can open the email if they want, when they want. No pressure of a read receipt. And that web3 email is verified that it belongs to that wallet owner. With web3 email you get direct, wallet-to-human connection.

How does Mailchain enable this communication? Mailchain is the communication layer for web3. It encrypts messages for 1:1 and group chats between NFT artists and collectors, using their web3 identities and wallet addresses. This end-to-end encryption and privacy by default allows for anonymous collecting.

Mailchain is open source, working with all blockchain protocols (which means it's multichain and supports all EVMs and major chains). Mailchain includes an SDK for developers and a private web3 inbox for users.  

Key Strategies for NFT Marketing and Communication with Mailchain

There are so many marketing activities an NFT artist can engage in when it has Mailchain's web3-native communication to connect with their community. The sky is the limit, but here's a few ideas to start:

  • Web3 NFT Artist Newsletters
  • 1:1 NFT artist to collector communication
  • New art drops
  • Exhibition communications
  • NFT Artist Interviews & Profiles
  • Curated NFT Artist collections  
  • X/ Spaces Notifications  
  • General Promotion
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Selective Campaign Contact Lists  
  • Reserve Auction Notifications
  • Art Whitelisting Notifications  

Personalize NFT Artist-Collector Engagement

Mailchain simplifies artist-collector communication, making it easy for NFT artists to send updates, announcements, and newsletters. The protocol allows for one-on-one direct messaging, using just wallet addresses or favorite web identities (.eth, .tez, .sol, etc.), to discuss things like commissioning pieces, printing options or to exchange print files. This direct communication gives a personal touch to NFT marketing, without compromising privacy or security.

Send Out Exclusive NFT Art Opportunities and Updates

By observing best practices from the traditional art world, NFT artists can refine their marketing strategies. In the traditional art world, curators, exhibitors and artists use email lists to segment collectors and target each with relevant emails and invitations, based on their history of collecting activity.  

“New media” or blockchain art communities don’t have it all figured out yet. The traditional art world, though, has a way of doing things – and it works. This is all through email lists! Big galleries segment email audiences like this:

Super VIP Collectors: when collectors get a preview before the show.

General Collectors: when collectors get invited to an opening.  

Event Curators: when gallerists also reach out to curators to let them know there’s a show coming up, and they are willing to give a private tour.  

With Mailchain, NFT artists can elevate their NFT marketing strategy by segmenting their collector groups, sending custom content based on their interests. These targeted campaigns can include exclusive access to curated art allowlisting, reserve auctions and more.

Handle Direct NFT Art Inquiries and Collector Requests

With Mailchain, collectors have a verified way to contact an NFT artist to make a special request, with just the wallet address. Mailchain guarantees both collectors and creators are speaking to the right person (through wallet verification) and reduces the missed messages in open social channels. Whether it's a special printing request, a custom art commission request, or an exclusive invite, both sides know how to reach each other. No sifting through social channels or web2 email address required.  

Build Strong NFT Artist-Collector Relationships

Mailchain gives NFT artists a web3 channel to introduce themselves and share long-form content. Artists can take collectors behind the scenes, share what it's like to create, provide artistic tips, show how they work, the tools they use. Artists can relate their background, their creative journey and glimpses into their personal, artistic process. With group web3 messaging/ sending out bulk web3 emails to their collector lists, they can build meaningful collector relationships and give a personal touch.  

Coordinate In Real-Life and Digital Exhibitions

With Mailchain, NFT artists can invite collectors to physical exhibitions using just their wallet addresses, eliminating the need for personal information. Going from a digital wallet address list to a real life event, with real human faces and real human activity is easy and simple. Send web3 invites, directions, ticket info, etc. all with Mailchain.  

Web3 Networking and Professional Collaborations

Art thrives in community. NFT Artists are constantly highlighting the work of other artists, putting names forward to help collectors discover like-minded work and curating lists for them. NFT artists can use Mailchain to introduce, network and collaborate with their favorite artists, promote their colleagues' and friends' work, and build an online community that can translate to broader exposure and community building.  

Use Smart Contracts for Targeted Communication

NFT artists can create tailored contact lists using their NFT metadata, allowing for more focused and effective communication. NFT artists can be confident their communication is going to the right wallet addresses at the right time.  

Address the Challenge of Web3 Anonymity

In the world of web3, where anonymity is important to many collectors, Mailchain provides a solution for artists to establish a more human connection with anonymous collectors, without sacrificing that privacy. No traditional/ web2 email is needed to build and maintain a relationship. A wallet address is all that's needed to send and receive messages.  

Increase Web3 Security

Spam is a general concern shared by anyone in web3. Mailchain prioritizes the security of both artists and collectors by ensuring wallets are verified upon registration and enabling developers and application builders to implement granular controls/ allow only specific wallet addresses to respond.

Think of it this way: With Mailchain you can enable one-way comms or add an additional pre-flight check that means only people who meet certain requirements can respond.

Additionally, all messages are end-to-end encrypted by default and cryptographically verified by the Mailchain protocol. The real artist knows they're communicating with the real collector.


Web3-native communication is key to maintaining the integrity of NFT marketing and communication.  Mailchain offers its protocol, web3 inbox and much more to developers and NFT artists, so the can build a brand, or carry out competitive marketing and communication strategies in the digital art space. Mailchain's ability to personalize and relay exclusive content and provide secure web3 communication make it an invaluable asset for any NFT platform or any NFT artist looking to elevate their presence and connect more meaningfully with their audience.

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